Removing Kitchen Tap Handle with Grub Screw

Tools Needed: Usually 2mm or 2.5mm Allen key

  1. Locate Grub Screw: This is usually underneath the handle.
  2. Choose Right Size Key: Match Allen key to grub screw. Usually a Kitchen Tap Handle Grub Screw is 2mm or 2.5mm. You need the correct size Allen Key because if you attempt to remove with wrong size key and round off your screw then you might not be able to remove or re-insert, resulting in having to replace the entire handle.
  3. Loosen Screw: Turn counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise) to loosen. Its’s also a good idea to have a cloth or kitchen towel underneath the handle to catch the screw if it falls out as these are tiny !
  4. Remove Handle: Gently pull away or wiggle if stuck.
  5. Clean and Reassemble: Inspect for wear, reassemble securely.

You can purchase replacement grub screw 2mm here and 2.5mm here. 2mm Allen Key here and 2.5mm Allen key here.
If you are removing the grub screw to access your valve, we sell genuine replacment valves here.
We sell genuine replacement Kitchen Tap Handles here.

If you need any assistance just use the contact page to contact us. Please include a picture of your Tap.

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