SMR Tap Valve 3491R

19.4438.87 incl. VAT

SMR Ceramic Disc Valve 28 Splines 3491R (c. 50 mm tall) 

This two threaded Valve valve was only used in production for a short period c. 2009 in the Davenport Tap and Teka Eider.  It is very important and easy to check as to whether or not your own Tap has 20 or 28 splines.  Simply remove the handle and check.

The San Marco 3491R Kitchen Tap Valve (also known as a 1/4 turn tap valve or ceramic valve / spindle / inner / insert) for Hot Water or Cold Water side of your Kitchen Tap.

Here is our Guide : Step by Step Guide How to change a ceramic disc valve in your Kitchen Tap

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